Thursday, 13 October 2011

Level 3 Course work (Gas)

Hi to all sorry I haven’t posted for a few weeks I have been taking a break having finished my level 2 course work and practical’s. Now its time to start level 3 and its quite a shocker starting right in at the deep end with Gas Installation A which is Module 33 I still don’t have a mentor but time waits for no man so I am getting on with the theory regardless, this first module of gas is mainly an introduction to gas and is quite daunting in the fact that there are lots of new regulations and BS to reference from, The advice given to me at my last practical training session was to forget the plumbing wile doing the gas as its a completely separate discipline and it is easy to confuse yourself with to much information. 
The reference material for this module is as follows.
So as you can see this is a lot of reference material to gather and read and also as usual British Standards Institution publications are extraordinarily over priced and outside the of the reach of students such as myself at about £300 for BS 6400 1&2 also copy right laws mean you cant find these documents to download. Personally I think it is a complete con and will never pay such outrageous prices for any such publications even if I was on gas installer’s income and I think that is the general fact in the industry nobody bothers to purchase them. 

My other concern this week is the latest unemployment figures the number of people out of work in Britain has hit its highest level in 17 years and youth unemployment has reached a record high as the economic slowdown continues to take its toll. The Office for National Statistics said on Wednesday that 2.57 million people were out of work over the June to August period, the highest since the autumn of 1994. There were almost 1 million unemployed young people. The number of people claiming jobseeker's allowance last month increased by 17,500 to 1.6 million in September. These are scary figures and put that together with the inevitable strikes that are due to take place this November and I think we are in for a rough ride this winter which may well spill over into the New Year making it difficult to see any chance of the financial markets recovering any time soon. It is a gloomy outlook and one that doesn’t bode well for anyone planning to start a new business and I include myself amongst figures.

To finish on a lighter notehere is something i found when brousing the internet it struck me as a good starting point for anyone finding there way through life, thanks for reading. Regards Cliff.



  1. This is wicked! have you ever done any PPC training for plumbing? I am level 3 qualified! It's a must in the industry.

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  3. Hi Cliff, Thanks for sharing this article. It is indeed very useful information for the beginners who are finding their own way through life! Keep blogging…

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    1. Hi Cliff, Thanks for sharing this article. It is indeed very useful information for the beginners who are finding their own way through life! Keep blogging…

  4. Wicked blog man! I just finished my PPC4 plumbing training and I am on to level 3 now ! I can't wait to finish and get started! there is nothing better than being your own boss!

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